The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! ❤️

Thanks for checking out my blog! I’m a 20 year old married to my best friend and love of my life Trent with an almost 5 month old little boy named Xander! Life is a crazy wild ride but I wouldn’t trade it for the world! PLEASE continue checking out my new posts to come for tips, tricks, advice on baby, household, food, etc! ❤️

You gon’ learn today!

Posting because I learned something at my 5 month old sons new pediatrician visit today! My son weighs 13 lbs 15 oz so we aren’t worried about his weight gain anymore officially! 😍 but, I learned that the Gerber rice cereal is actually made with Soy as like a binding agent ( I believe that’s how he said it?) so he told us to try out the more organic Beechnut rice cereal! (he said he’s not much of an organic guy himself lol but he said he thinks this is something that’d help a lot of people’s babies out) Soy formula KILLED Xanders belly when we were trying to see if he was gonna work on it and his Ped said trying the rice without the soy could help out his gas and tummy issues 😁😁

How we spent our day!

How we’ve spent our day, I miss my momma so much! Monday we have a weight check up because Xander is actually considered underweight , we think it’s because of how long it took us to find a formula that I could supplement him with that he could handle! We tried about 15 different formulas before finding out the only formula he can digest easily is one of the most expensive ones! Nutramigen 😛 he has to be atleast 13.11 lbs to be considered to be on track!

2 mommy MUST-Haves!

I breastfeed and have recently started supplementing my son because his weight has become a concern! I could NOT live without this Dr Browns formula mixing pitcher! We use the Kiinde breastmilk/Formula feeding pouch system and LOVE the combo! I premix the amount of pouches I know he’s going to drink during the day (cleared by pediatrician) and then put them in the fridge and warm up as needed!

The mixer mixes it to where you aren’t shaking it so much and causing a bunch of air bubbles that cause baby to get gassy and Thoroughly mixes it so no clumps!

And I tried to switch back to regular bottles because I just didn’t want to keep buying the pouched but then I quickly realized I will gladly keep buying the pouches! The only thing you wash is the nipple which works so well with my busy life style! 😍😍

Dr. Brown’s Formula Mixing Pitcher

Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist Starter Kit

A GREAT self Tanner

Being a new mom I barely get any outdoor time, all of my life I’ve been able to step into the sun and just bronze and golden up , I never burned just darkened down. I used to go to the tanning bed very occasionally (rarely ever) when I was in college because I was a full time student over 40 hours a week and worked 40 hours a week on top of that! I just haven’t been able to get any color since my son has been born causing me to become pale and even sickly looking I’d say🤢 but I found a very reasonable priced product that gave me just the most GORGEOUS natural looking tan! No orange in sight! I purchased mine off amazon for like $6 and will definitely be purchasing again!

St Moriz 200ml Instant Self Tanning Mousse Medium (Medium Mousse)

Closet cleanouts

One of the most helpful things that has been said to me regarding getting rid of clothing is to take out EVERYTHING from your closet and each article of clothing ask yourself, “Would you buy this again at this moment if you saw it in a store?” If not GET RID of it! I’m sentimental so It’s easy for me to find ANY reason to keep anything and my closet becomes PACKED with clothes and I can’t even see what is wearable and what isn’t! 😓😓😓

Also other good guidelines to follow are:

“Have I wore this in the last 6 months?”

“Is is tattered? Rips, holes, damage of any kind?..”

“Do I have the newest version of this article of clothing?”

If the answer is no, Get Rid of it! Clear out things you have touched and make room for things you will!


A critical thing for organization is to remember “Everything must have its own place”, remembering this will completely change your organization and clear up a lot of junk drawers, piles of mail, etc!